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The best indoor trampolines

The best indoor trampolines

Staying indoors can make you feel restless after a while and when there’s nothing to do, kids can especially get bored lounging around the house  all day. Staying indoors will no longer be boring if you have an indoor trampoline. In times of bad weather, you can play so many games, keep fit while waiting for the weather to improve. The best indoor trampolines for adults provide the required  fitness along with the fun without the need to go out and at the same time, provide kids with the best form of fun. Moreover, you don’t need a large backyard.

 The following list offers you the top five best indoor trampolines that will give you a great time indoors. Rather than scour the internet looking for the best indoor trampoline,  we compiled a list of some bestselling and top-rated picks for you as well as all you need to know about having an indoor trampoline.

Benefits of having good an indoor trampoline

Cardiovascular improvement

When it comes to providing great trampoline workouts for all age groups, toddlers, kids, teens, adults, the indoor friendly trampoline provides the best opportunity.

Jumping on an indoor trampoline improves blood circulation as it is a lower-impact cardiovascular fitness method. This helps the lung working capacity to increase and as a result, blood pressure will decrease largely. Jumping on a trampoline is more efficient than swimming, jogging, running, or other exercise.

Lymphatic function development

Any kind of exercise helps to raise our lymphatic flow and trampolining is no exception. It improves the lymph flow more than 15 times than normal conditions as it helps in the opening and closing of the lymph valves

Weight loss

You don't have to worry about being overweight once you have an indoor trampoline. Jumping on one for about an hour will burn more calories than usual workouts. This is because the repetitive bouncing on the trampoline will reduce fat hence lose weight. You need not go to the gym regularly if you have an indoor trampoline at home. Jumping on one for 15 to 30 minutes daily is enough to get satisfactory results.


Due to repetitive jumping, your cells will get stronger when you exercise on the trampoline. As a result, you will develop your metabolism and be fit. This will go a long way to improve your working energy and your natural protection.

Boost balance and posture

Bouncing on a trampoline will teach you how to stay upright on one leg. This is good for improving your balance and coordination especially when you get older. It also plays a vital role in developing the balance, timing and coordination of toddlers.

Bones and muscles strengthening

Jumping on a trampoline helps to protect our bones from injuries and fractures. This is because it strengthens the cortical bone density. This makes the joints, ligaments and tendons become stronger and prevent serious bone pain or diseases like osteoporosis.

Improves the immune system

Bouncing on a trampoline will help increase lymphatic fluid circulation. This helps to drain toxins and other harmful buildups from our bodies as a result, our bodies end up performing the best.

Support pelvic floor health

Jumping on a trampoline for at least 15 minutes a day will help to activate the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is a set of muscles that form the pelvis base and support the internal organs. It is important that these muscles become strong and flexible for many reasons such as for hip joint stabilization, bladder control, orgasm development and many more. However, if you have a pelvic floor issue, please consult with your doctor first

Prevent cancer and other diseases

By circulating the lymphatic fluid, trampolining helps to destroy cancerous cells. The fluid collects the bacteria, waste, virus and damaged cells from the body and then drains them into the lymphatic vessels.

Benefits of having good an indoor trampoline


The availability of a warranty has an important role in choosing an indoor trampoline for your home although it differs with the various brands and the trampoline parts. The minimum warranty on the indoor trampoline frame pad is usually for 6 months and the trampoline frame and mat are for 1 year. The other smaller parts are usually covered under a 3-month warranty.

Weight Limit

The weight limit of the indoor trampoline is one of the important things you have to consider before making a purchase. Adult fitness indoor trampolines are designed to withstand weights over 300 lbs while kids indoor mini trampolines can carry weights in the range of 50 -200 lbs. It will be a good move to go in for an indoor trampoline with a higher weight limit if there will be more than one person to use it.


Low bounce indoor trampolines are best for toddlers and preschoolers as it offers a smaller bounce rate which reduces the chances of falling. If you are using it for fitness, then it is also good for boosting your blood circulation. It is good to bear in mind that, the high bounce indoor trampolines are best for cardio exercises like star jumps and his knees however, the bounciest trampolines are not necessarily the best


It is important to know that bigger trampolines would consume more space therefore, if you have space constraints, you have to decide on which type of indoor trampoline will be best fit. Usually, the diameters of most indoor trampolines are between 3 -7 feet. A bigger indoor trampoline will offer you more space to jump and this is great for kids who like to move about without any fear of falling. It is equally good for adult fitness enthusiasts who require more room on the trampoline to workout.


Always check team safety measures included in the trampoline by the manufacturer as the safety features are very important to the well-being of kids using the indoor trampoline. These safety features could be the arch legs, the handlebar, safety enclosure etc. You can look out for the following. Indoor trampolines that use springs should offer thick spring covers or paddings to reduce the chances of injuries and if the indoor trampoline uses bungee cords instead of springs, then it is safer and quieter to bounce on it.

Reviews Of The Best Indoor Trampolines For Adults

1.Stamina 36-Inch Folding Fitness Trampolines for Adults

This is a heavy-duty workout indoor trampoline that can be used for multipurpose purpose exercises and it also supports a few more exercising options that burn lots of calories within a short period of time. The frame and legs of this indoor trampoline are made from rugged steel. Each leg is 8.75″ and they are not just detachable but they  also have a rubber-tipped end that prevents sliding.

The tension bands are all covered with safety pad covers. When it comes to the jumping surface, it is well constructed of bouncy materials. You can easily fold this indoor trampoline as it is lightweight.  You don’t need any dedicated space when it’s time to store it and for its compactness, you can easily set it up in your room or anywhere else. This adult indoor trampoline offers a one year warranty of it’s frame. It features a weight limit of 250lbs.



2.Maximus PRO 40″ Folding Mini Rebounder Fitness Trampoline with Storage Bag

The Maximus-PRO-Folding-Rebounder is a great trampoline suitable for adults and comes with amazing accessories to make rebounding highly effective within a short period of time. When it comes to its construction, this trampoline is made from robust steel and its component parts are precision machined. You can easily jump onto this indoor trampoline without any issues as it has 6 strong easy to detach legs and each of these 6 legs have rubber caps on them ultimately making the base very solid and safe at the same time.  The mat is made of double- cross stitching and non-slip materials.

The Maximus Pro indoor trampoline has 32 highly calibrated big springs that provide the utmost resilient and low-impact bounce. This indoor trampoline will definitely give you the feeling of having a gym at home. It comes with accessories such as 2 sand weights for strength training, 4 resistance bands and a handrail. Aside from this, the package also includes 2 DVDS workout videos to keep you on track and motivate you. It’s not common to come across a trampoline that is already assembled. Usually, users have to assemble the trampoline and even pay extra fees; however, this trampoline is different. All the parts including the springs come with complete assembly and are ready to use. You literally have to just open the package, place it where you desire and start jumping.

In terms of its transportation and storage,  the MaXimus Pro trampoline has collapsible legs  and as a result, you can easily detach the legs and tie them. It is interesting to know that with this trampoline, you can fold it into a half and further concert it into a quarter of the main size. Since you can fold the mat and the legs, you can easily store it in the canvas bag it comes with and transport it from one place to the other. The Maximus Pro rebounder can carry up to 287 lbs of weight and it has a low impact bounce rate. Another interesting thing about this trampoline is if  a person bounces on it for at least 20 minutes a day, it will burn 1000s of calories and help him/her lose weight within  a considerable period of time.




3.Marcy ASG-40 Trampolines Cardio Trainer Rebounder with Handle

The Marcy -Trampoline- Cardio-Trainer-with-Handle is a great indoor trampoline for adults as it allows users to perform amazing exercising within a few minutes. When it comes to its construction, this indoor trampoline comes with high elastic bands rather than springs.  This feature is meant to ensure the safety of its users. There is also a durable cover that hides the bands. The indoor trampoline has a weight limit of 250 lbs and to ensure safety,  the jumping mat is made of stretchy and waterproof materials.

Although the trampoline comes with a handle which is meant to provide support, you can remove it if you don’t need it as it is a removable foam grip hand bar. To give extreme support to the user, the trampoline comes with six durable non-slip cap legs. This Marcy indoor trampoline doesn’t require a lot of space. You can set it either in the gym or at home. It is a fold ale trampoline so you can easily carry it from one place to the other or keep it under your bed or in tight places.



Reviews Of The Best Indoor Trampolines For Kids

1.Pure Fun Kids Preschool trampoline

This indoor trampoline is very good for preschoolers and comes with nice features for your little ones and helps to enhance their learning. When it comes to its construction, this trampoline is made from two distinct molded steel. Here, the legs and the frame are a single body. The trampoline has a sturdy steel frame with a padded grab rail to ensure users safety. It comes with two parallel frames which contain two legs each and this is meant to support the toddler in the best possible way. The Pure Fun Kids Preschool trampoline comes with real springs as such, kids can enjoy a lot of bouncy. Thanks to its sturdy construction, this trampoline can last for a long time.

This  trampoline has a user weight capacity of 75 lbs and it is ideal for kids between the ages of 3 to 7 years of age. The trampoline has an interactive spring cover which is also Interactive.  It comes with Colour, ABC and shape patterns that helps to encourage preschoolers with learning and recognition. This feature is unique and distinguishes this  trampoline from the others.   To control the toddlers jumping, the Pure Fun kids preschool trampoline comes with  an inclined handlebar. It is 35 inches high from the ground and it  is attached to the two legs.



2.Little tikes 3 trampoline

The Little Tikes 3 trampoline is a 3ft  indoor trampoline ideal for toddlers with lots of energy.  It is suitable for kids between the ages of 3 to 6 years old. It has some incredible features that certainly outperform many other kids trampolines on the market. Instead of springs, this indoor trampoline uses elastic cords and this is to ensure that the kids are safe throughout their trampolining. It can support 55lbs weight as it is metal-made and gives a strong and durable structure to your kids. The trampoline itself is lightweight and has a 1 year warranty.

The little Tikes 3 trampoline comes with a handle bar and a large jumping surface to endure the stability of kids when they’re busy bouncing on it. Due to its lightweight, you can easily carry it from one location to another. The handlebar is 26.25 inches high from the jumping surface and as such, kids can hold onto it and enjoy as they play.



Frequently Asked Questions

Yes,  trampolines are generally safe for toddlers. This is because many manufactures use risk-free, soft materials and parts such as padded handles, bungee cords, soft padded springs etc to ensure the safety of users. This makes it user friendly for toddlers.

Kids must be at least 4 years old to get access to a trampoline. However, you can get them a mini trampoline or an indoor trampoline before they reach that age

It is always advisable that at any point in time, you allow just one jumper on a trampoline while keeping the weight limit of the trampoline in mind.

We found the 3 ft Little Tikes trampoline. as the best option for kids

For fitness, adults can go for the 36-Inch Stamina folding trampoline

They are indoor trampolines so you should not use them outdoors unless they are built to be used like that.

It is highly recommended that the ceiling height should be around 8 feet or 2.43 meters

Final Words

Indoor trampolines are a great way to have fun and keep fit at the comfort of your home and no matter the weather.  They are easy to handle and are set up in a small space. We have compiled several top-quality indoor trampolines with all ages in mind. If you need adult indoor trampolines,  then we’ve put together everything you need to know to get help you make the best choice when choosing an indoor trampoline. Kids and toddlers need more safe oriented trampolines and for this, we have and made a dissimilar section for the best Indoor trampolines for kids and toddlers We hope you get the most out of these reviews and for this article to guide you into choosing the safest indoor trampolines?

Indoor trampolines are gaining popularity among all for physical workouts. They can be set up in a small space, come with reasonable prices, and are easy to handle. Considering all ages, we have compiled several top-quality indoor trampolines here. If you need kids and toddlers’ models, then you will get them in the best indoor trampolines for kids and toddlers.

The best trampolines for Adult

The best trampolines for Adult

Who said trampolines are for kids only ? 
If you think trampolines are only for kids then you’re missing out on the fun. While you’re jumping and having lots of fun, adult trampolines are great to keep you fit. You can burn as many as 510 calories if you use it in a continuous, hour-long workout. 

This device offers a myriad of health benefits which cannot be provided by any other form of exercise. Jumping promotes blood circulation which results in an improved distribution of vitamins and minerals and this increases the immune strength of the lymphatic system.

Almost all popular trampoline brands offer trampolines for adults. They are available in a number of shapes and sizes with varied features, some expensive and some affordable. You therefore have many options to choose from. But have you thought about which trampolines will be best for you? Do you really need an extra large trampoline with additional features or one just for leisure? Finding the best adult trampoline can be very frustrating and extremely time consuming.

In this article, we will walk you through the most important facts that you should check before buying any trampoline for adults. To make things much easier, we reviewed a variety of trampolines and picked our top seven. This is to enable you to make the best purchasing decision.

8 benefits of having a trampoline

Builds strong leg muscles

Rebounding or jumping on a trampoline is a great exercise to increase your bone density which reduces as you get older. If you really want to get hard calves like your favourite basketball player, then this is the best way to achieve that. Aside from your bone density, it also strengthens your core muscles, ankles, knees and more

Lymphatic detoxification

The lymphatic fluid in your lymphatic system pushes out any present toxins into the bloodstream when you repetitively jump on a trampoline. These toxins are then expelled out of your body via the urinary system. It is important to know that aside from this, there is no other way you can get those toxins out.

Improves posture and balance

According to a study conducted by the University of Northern Parana, it was revealed that performing rebound exercises on elderly women over a period of 12 weeks improved their balance. Aside from elderly people, it is good to engage young children in rebounding exercises so that they have good posture from the early stages of their lives.

More effective than jogging

You could lose up to 510 calories when you jump on the trampoline for one hour, and just 460 calories when you jog for the same period of time. Without leaving the comfort of your home you can jump on the trampoline and achieve amazing results.

Stronger heart and lung muscles

Sedentary lifestyles, long office hours spent in front of a computer screen end up making our bodies inactive, panting for air after doing a little physical work and making us tired easily. Jumping on the trampoline is a great way to exercise your lungs and heart to a full capacity.

Stress buster

Jumping on a trampoline or rebounding as an exercise produces endorphins in your body, also known as feel-good hormones which make you feel happy therefore, if you're bored, getting over a break-up or over Padded with work, a 10-minute trampoline workout will help you get away from all that


When it comes to team cooperation and strength, trampolining is one great way to achieve that. You can opt to buy a trampoline for your office and let your employees bounce on it during their break. This can bring them together and result in higher productivity as they play games, interact with one another and just be themselves.

Outdoor activities

It's probably time to get your kids a trampoline if they constantly complain about being bored or you realise they spend a lot of time in front of the television or their tablets. Once they get a new trampoline, it will distract them and keep them engaged. What if they get bored with it? You can easily introduce them to some new games, most of which you can easily find online. With this, you can invite friends for play dates and throw a small summer party for all of them

Reviews of the Best trampolines for adults

1.Zupapa 15FT TUV

With the Zupapa 15FT upgraded 2020 model, it can carry a weight of 375 lbs which is very good compared to other trampolines. This adult trampoline comes with warranty for all its parts. When it comes to its replaced parts, they will be shipped  free of charge. It also comes with all the added accessories like rain cover and ladder at no additional charge. Zupapa features a no-gap design system to ensure the maximum safety for the jumpers. This system has the jumping mat and spring cover tightly sewn to eliminate the dangerous gap. The spring cover is of high quality as it’s very thick and durable. This makes the heavy-duty springs remain durable for a long time under this spring pad.

This trampoline comes with 108 springs that are 7- inch long and tapered at an angle to provide better bounce. It has an amazing weight limit and needs extraordinary springs as such, this is meant to provide quality bounce for jumpers. Moreover, the springs are made of galvanized steel that provide it protection against rusting and give it a longer life. This Zupapa trampoline features a top-quality hard frame. The frame is a very important part of the trampoline. This is what holds the whole trampoline together.  The hard frame is made out of  the hot-dip galvanizing technology. It makes the frame very strong to withstand the jumping impacts of big adults for a longer period of time.



2.Skywalker 12-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Adult Trampoline

The Skywalker 12-Foot Jump N Dunk Trampoline is a popular adult trampoline for amazing workouts sessions. This trampoline will give year-round fun for the whole family if you plan to purchase a family-size trampoline for a small backyard.  Let’s dig deep into its amazing features. Just like other Skywalker trampolines, all the parts of this trampoline provide standard safety for jumpers. It comes with a patented no-gap design that eliminates pinching and openings hazards. The Skywalker 12-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Adult Trampoline features reinforced T-sockets which are meant to enhance its stability. The woven net and dual zippers are meant to provide proper support to jumpers.

This adult trampoline uses 96 rust-resistant steel springs and each is 6.5 inches long. It comes with a thick vinyl-coating and fade-resistant spring cover that works great to protect jumpers from the direct impact of the springs and frame. To boost your fun level to a higher level, it comes with a basketball hoop. There is also a basketball hoop to boost your fun to a higher level.



3.Upper Bounce Gymnastics Style, Rectangular Adult Trampoline

adults whose main goal is to exercise their bodies. It is also very suitable for adults who are advanced jumpers and are looking for a heavy-duty trampoline. It comes with an easy assemble and disassemble feature . This feature makes it easy to set this trampoline up and even store it apart when not in use . The Upper Bounce Gymnastics Style Trampoline comes with an enclosure net which is made from premium quality Terylene mesh and this feature doesn’t limit your visibility. The  enclosure system also features top flex poles which are 8 in number and tightly hold the net straight and make it flexible and to secure the jumpers, it has a dual zipper and latch clip system. To create a better bounce experience, heavy duty springs are used. The springs are 90 in number and 7-inch long. A strong quality pad is used to keep the springs safe and eliminate the risky gap in-between. The pad comes, especially with a specifically designed EPE foam which is a great shock-absorber.

Moreover, The springs are also galvanized to deliver rust-resistant performance. It’s important to know that the Upper Bounce Gymnastics Style Trampoline is backed with a 1 year warranty. When it comes to the frame, it is made from black-coated galvanized steel. The frame also comes with welded sockets to hold the enclosure poles. This is meant to prevent the frame from twisting and further strengthen the connection between the poles and the frame.



4.CalmMax 14 Ft Outdoor Adult Trampoline

This trampoline is ASTM safety certified and this makes it a good and safe trampoline for adults. The CalmMax 14 Ft Outdoor Trampoline is built with Safety in mind. It is tested to 40000 jumps approximately and the mat has also been tested for 5000 hours with 400 lbs weight. All the metal used for this trampoline is made of galvanized steel.  The Steel frame gives EU standard polypropylene bounce and undergoes 3-layer rust-proof durability.

To give the trampoline a superior bounce,  it uses 88 galvanized bolts and springs. The springs pad is made of both PVC and PE material meant to protect jumpers from injury. There are 4 U-Shaped legs that provide structural sturdiness to this trampoline. Jumpers are completely safe as the trampoline net is  6ft high and covers  360-degrees. CalmMax uses premium quality materials that ensure professional-grade durability.



4.Skywalker 15-Feet Round Adult Trampoline and Enclosure

This trampoline is great for adult jumpers. The Skywalker 15-Feet Round Adult Trampoline and Enclosure is built tough enough, it comes with a weight limit of 250lbs and has amazing safety features. The trampoline is built with 96 heavy duty springs which are 6-inch long. The springs are rust-resistant and  made of galvanized steel. They are tightly coiled to provide an amazing jumping experience. 

 When it comes to its enclosure, the Skywalker is known for its patented gap-free enclosure design. It is important to know that the springs are located outside of the enclosure net and a quality spring pad is available to keep the springs safe and assure durability. The spring pad is coated in thick vinyl which makes it fade-resistant. This feature brings a new look to the trampoline with its camouflage pattern. The next thing is the enclosure net.  The net is a latch clip system and features a dual zipper system as well. Moreover, the net is tightly woven and UV treated.

As an adult, you can easily jump over this trampoline without any worry as it is steady enough to endure the jumping impact of adults. This is made possible because the frame is made from heavy gauged rust-resistant galvanized steel and  features an interlocking system- it is built tough .It doesn’t end there, to further reinforce the frame and strengthen  each joint, T-sockets are used. T-sockets are meant to increase the stability of the trampoline and prevent structural twisting. To minimize the impact of wrong landing on the net or edge, the enclosure poles are padded with soft foam and leave someplace from the net.

The jumping mat is made from high-quality polypropylene. It is UV-protected and perfectly woven to prevent slipping. Skywalker provides a 1-year limited warranty on other materials and a 3-year warranty on the frame



Things to look out for in a trampoline

The Shape of Adult Trampolines

Trampolines come in different shapes and types like square, rectangular, round etc. The Shape doesn't really matter for adults but it solely depends on the jumper’s requirements and other factors.

Round trampolines are great, whereas rectangular trampolines are for advanced or intermediate level jumpers. We included only the round and rectangular trampolines in our list of trampolines. Although both are good for adults, there are some basic differences on how they work

Rectangular-shaped trampolines are recommended for advanced use because they provide a uniform bounce all over the jumping mat and they direct jumpers to the center therefore, the chance for a collision is very low. On the other hand, round trampolines direct jumpers to the center of the mat. Multiple jumpers on a round trampoline should not be allowed.

You can choose the best fit for you after knowing this.


Trampolines for adults will require a larger jumping surface therefore you should always consider the size of the trampoline. The size of the trampoline will also depend on the availability of space where you will set the trampoline up or your backyard. A larger trampoline model will cost more than a smaller one however, it is good to always invest in a larger model if possible.

Weight Limit of Adult Trampolines

The weight limit of trampolines indicates the weight a trampoline can bear at once. This makes it a very important factor especially when you're considering trampolines for adults. Adults have more weight compared to children therefore, you should choose trampolines that have at least a weight limit of 250lbs. It is very important to choose the trampoline model that offers more weight

Jumping Mat

Before buying any trampoline, check for the building material of the jumping mat. Jumping mats play a vital role in quality bounce and as such, they should be made from quality materials and UV protection to prevent wear and tear.

To Look for quality adult trampolines, always a letter sure that the jumping mats are made from polypropylene mesh, high-tensile Permatron, cross sewn polypropylene etc. Some mats come with 8 -row stitching others come with 10-row stitching while others also come with double-matted jumping mats.

Professional Installation of Adult Trampolines

You should be able to set your trampoline up most of the time thus if it comes with a clear installation manual. If it doesn't help, you can then get professional installation support from the manufacturer.

Safety Net

The enclosure net of a trampoline is a very important thing to always look out for as safety is the most important thing while using a trampoline. The enclosure net must be UV treated and tightly woven. It should be made for quality material like Terylene mesh or Polyethylene. It is important to know that the enclosure nets of trampolines differ in their closing mechanism. Some come with an overlapping format while others come with a latch clip system. The enclosure net should never limit your visibility

Heavy-duty Frame

The quality of the frame is a must as the frame is what holds the whole trampoline in place and endures all the jumping impacts. Since we are talking about trampolines, the heavy-duty frame will be perfect.

It's important to make sure that the frame is made from high quality galvanized steel. Galvanization can differ from model to model. Some have galvanization with double powder coating while others have hot-dip galvanization. The thickness of the frame is also important. The frame should have enough thickness up to 3mm

Spring Number and Length

To achieve a quality bounce, two things must perfectly combine. The jumping mat and an adequate number of springs. There are trampolines that have between 96 to 156 number of springs. These springs also differ in length, usually between 6 to 10 inches. It is important to always choose a trampoline with a higher number of springs. Aside from the number of springs, you also have to consider their construction. The steel must have galvanization to be rust-resistant, made from quality steel and must be tightly coiled

Additional Accessories

While buying your favourite adult trampoline, always check if it has any additional belonging included or not. Some brands provide additional accessories with the trampoline package. These accessories may be safety gloves, T tool, basketball hoop, ladder, wind stakes, etc

Price and warranty

At the end of the day, price is the single factor that will help you decide on which trampoline to go for. However, quality adult trampolines need a good investment. Some trampolines cost way too much than others. It is always good to understand why they cost so much.

When it comes to warranty, it is always recommended that you go in for a trampoline that has a great warranty period. Many trampoline brands and models vary in warranty duration. They offer from 1 year to sometimes, 10 years for the frame and other timelines for different parts. Some even have a 10 years warranty for all parts. When you face trampoline challenges after purchase, the warranty coverage will help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions

As long as certain safety standards and rules are met, trampolines are generally very safe for adults. For example, never use a trampoline If you're hyper or intoxicated.

The average weight limit of a trampoline is 300 to 400 pounds and if your family and friends plan to use it then you should definitely go in for a trampoline with a high weight capacity that sporty up to 450 pounds

You should invest in a heavy duty trampoline, as opposed to a regular       one, if you have a couple of kids that are going to be using it on a regular basis.

Final Words

Adult trampolines are a great way to keep fit while having fun. Always make sure you invest in the best trampoline to enjoy only the best part of having a trampoline. With the right choices, you will find yourself with the best adult trampoline out there.   Picking any of the trampolines listed above should be a great choice for you and you will be satisfied in the long run.


The best trampolines for kids

The best trampolines for kids

Looking for a way to get your kids to do something more physical and leave their tech toys for a while? You should consider getting them a trampoline. Naturally, kids love jumping and have great energy. Getting them to jump on a trampoline will help the exercise, get their hearts pumping and improve their balance and coordination.

Before you purchase a trampoline, you need to know how to choose the best one and how much care should be taken as trampolining is a high risk activity.

Benefits of getting your kids to
jump on a trampoline

Types of trampolines

Round trampolines

These are the most common types of trampolines you'll find in people's backyards. They are the safest of all the types because they shove the user towards the center even if they move towards the edges while jumping.

Rectangular trampolines

These are made for professionals. They have a greater rebound and produce a greater height. They are perfect for small spaces.

Mini trampolines

These are usually called rejoinders and are a perfect choice for your toddlers. They are small enough to be kept in a closet when not in use. They usually come with a hand bar for the kids to hold and are very close to the ground.

How to choose a good trampoline for your kids.


The size of the trampoline you purchase depends on the amount of space you have, whether indoors or outdoors. There should be enough space around it.

How old are the kids?

You should consider how old your kids are to know the type of trampoline to purchase. You might also want to purchase a large one so they can grow into it.

Is it easy to assemble?

You should consider the difficulty in assembling it. Usually, it takes more than an adult to set up a trampoline. It might also take some time to set it up for kids to jump.

Safety Features

You would want to consider the safety features the trampoline has. Some trampolines have safety features such as enclosure nets, handle bars among others.


The trampoline should have a good warranty. In case something goes wrong, you should be sure of some replacement.

How durable is it?

Your trampoline should be able to last long. It should be able to withstand frequent use by energetic kids.

How you can ensure your kids
are safe using a trampoline

Reviews of the best trampolines 2021

1.Skywalker Mini Trampoline (Best Overall):

This is a very popular kids’ trampoline. It has a mesh enclosure so your child won’t fall off the jumping surface.

Size: 40″, 48″ and 60″ available

Age minimum: 3 years

Maximum weight allowance: 100 pounds

Warranty: steel frame – 1 year, other parts – 90 days after purchase



2.Bounce Pro My First Trampoline (Best for Outdoors):

This is a mini trampoline that is suitable for outdoors and kids under age 6. It is very sturdy and meets all ASTM standards. For easy entrance and exit, it is built close to the ground.

Size: 7 feet

Age: 3-10 years

Maximum weight allowance: 220 pounds

Warranty: 1 year on frame and mat



3. Pure Fun Super Jumper Kids’ Trampoline with Handrail (Best Value):

This is a traditional spring-style mini trampoline whose  padded covers come in pink and blue. It also has a padded handle so your kids can grip when jumping. 

Size: 48″

Age: 3 years

Maximum weight allowance: 100 pounds

Warranty: 90 days



4.Original Toy Company Fold & Go Trampoline (Easy Assembly):

This is a trampoline with a large jumping space. It is 36″ in diameter with a very high weight limit. It comes in yellow, blue or red patterns which attract kids and uses heavy elastic plastic in place of springs. When not in use, you can fold it into a very small size and put it away even in your closet.

Size: 36″

Minimum age: 3 years

Maximum weight allowance: 150lbs

Warranty: 1 year



For kids 6 years and up

1.Skywalker trampolines (best features):

This is a durable round trampoline made with heavy duty materials and is great for smaller outdoor spaces. To ensure safety, it has a patented design that prevents the springs from pinching while jumping. The enclosure net is directly attached to the jumping jump leaving no space in between. 

Size: 8 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet and 16 feet available

Minimum user age: 6 years

Maximum weight allowance: 175 pounds

Warranty: frame – 1 year, others – 90 days



1.Zupapa 15-foot TUV-Certified Trampoline with Enclosure Net (Most Durable):

This is a new and improved version of Zupapa trampolines which comes with a ladder, rain cover, enclosure net and other accessories. It has a high quality as it is made of heavy duty materials, is sturdy and has a good bounce. For safety features, it has an enclosure net and a smart feature that prevents the feet of kids from getting stuck.

Size: 15 feet

Minimum user age: 6 years

Maximum weight allowance: 375 pounds

Warranty: Frame – 10 years, Others – 2 years



Tips On keeping Your Children Safe


It is important to gather all your children and educate them on trampoline safety once you've assembled the trampoline. Let them know that aside from the fun part, injuries do happen and teach them how to avoid those injuries or accidents.

Always Supervise

Children will sometimes do as they are told. Other times, they don't. You can prevent some injuries from occurring if you keep a close watch over them.

Minimal Participants

Even if you have a large trampoline, keep the participants at a minimum. Overcrowding increases the risk of injuries, particularly if the children are different ages. The weight limit of a trampoline can be exceeded once you allow too many children to bounce on it at once. Always try to keep the participants to a minimum.

Keep up with Maintenance

It is important to do occasional checks to ensure all screws and springs are tight and secure. Whenever the trampoline isn’t in use, cover or disassemble it. If you know it won’t be used for a while, take it apart and store it in the garage or shed.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ideal size trampoline for an 8 year old is normally between a 10ft and a 14ft.  It's important to make sure you have enough space in the area you plan to set the trampoline up as inadequate space can obstruct the trampoline and end up causing injuries.

The answer is no.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under the age of six should avoid trampolines.

the bones of toddlers are generally softer and more susceptible to injuries therefore, without appropriate safety measures, jumping on the trampoline can end up causing serious injuries. It's advisable not to allow toddlers to jump on trampolines without any supervision.

Age 6 is recommended as the best age and thus according to the American College of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Final Thoughts

The best trampoline for kids is the one that has a safety net, is made of durable materials and it minimizes contact with the springs. Although trampolines are a great way to have fun while keeping fit, it can cause serious injuries therefore, it is important to look out for proper safety features. Never allow more than the recommended number of children to bounce on a trampoline all at once and always remember to keep up with maintenance.

Best mini trampolines

Best Mini Trampolines

Mini trampolines, also called rebound trampolines were  designed with exercise in mind. While they may appear as toys, they are the best solution if you want some exercise but you don’t have time to visit the gym or go out for a jog.

 They can definitely make a dynamic addition to an adult’s home fitness equipment. With a mini trampoline at home, you can maintain your body shape and lose weight without hitting the gym.  This is possible as this tool strengthens your muscles, increases your  flexibility and balance, and improves cardiovascular fitness.

Although mini trampolines have been proven to do a lot of good for your health, purchasing the wrong one can lead to injuries and end up hurting you financially. We have done the legwork for you, so you can consider adding a mini trampoline to your home gym equipment and which fitness trampoline option may be best for you in every aspect.  Let’s jump.

What is the difference between mini-trampolines and rebounders?

mini -trampoline


Let's have a look at some additional benefits of using a mini trampoline.

Controls Blood Sugar

According to a study conducted by the American Diabetes Association, a considerable number of Americans have problems when it comes to managing their blood sugar. In terms of figures, they estimate that about 29.1 million Americans have diabetes and an additional 86 million adults over 20 years have pre Diabetes

The results of a 2016 study revealed that jumping on a mini trampoline or rebounding may provide a fun and effective way to control glucose levels. This is evident from the test performed on individuals with normal glucose levels which revealed that a 50 minute boutique of high-intensity trampoline exercise effectively lowered their blood glucose during and following the exercise.

According to a 2015 study published in the Australian Journal of Rural Health, a nine-week protocol of rebounding exercise performed three times per week for just 20 to 30 minutes resulted in positive changes to blood sugar markers as well as body mass index in individuals with type 2 diabetes.

Although you have to work with your doctor to come up with a treatment plan if you happen to have either of these conditions, you should bear in mind that regular exercise will also go a long way to help you. Exercising regularly in the form of walking outside can be boring at times and hitting the gym can be a hassle, a home-based rebounding exercise might be your answer as you can achieve similar or better results without leaving the comfort of your home.

Promotes Weight Loss

Regular exercise of any kind can lead to weight loss and changes in body composition. It could be a three-mile run or a jump on the trampoline for 20 minutes. Doing this in addition to a level of consistency and a well-balanced diet can really produce amazing results

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, rebounding or jumping on a mini-trampoline can result in a calorie burn of roughly seven calories a minute and it is considered as a "vigorous " activity according to a 2017 study published in Science & Sports.

It is important to note that, Calorie burn varies based on weight, age, sex, and body composition, but this means an hour spent jumping on a mini -trampoline could burn roughly 400 calories.

Enhances Balance and Coordination

One of the most-studied benefits of jumping on a mini-trampoline or rebounding is its ability to help improve balance, particularly in an elderly population.

Two studies published in 2010 and 2011 found that regular exercise performed on a mini trampoline or rebounding helped to improve the dynamic balance in elderly individuals and with study participants who fell, it helped them to recover their balance.

Reduces Back Pain

A 2015 study published in the Polish Journal of Sport and Tourism revealed that one of the benefits of rebounding is that it is capable of reducing back pain. This was established after middle- aged adults who participated in a 21 day rehab program which consisted of exercise on a mini - trampoline experience improved functional capacity and significantly reduced lumbar back pain. It is however advised that you talk to your doctor before getting started as jumping too much too much or without control can end up making things worse.

An Easy and Affordable Home-Based Cardio Solution

It can be very hard to prioritize your cardio when you don't have the space or the money to dedicate to a home-based gym and in times of bad weather, it could be a lot harder. Mini-trampolines can come in handy and offer the best solution you can think of.

Rebounding as an exercise is something to easily do on your own without needing to watch or follow a predetermined exercise program. This also means, you can easily turn on your favourite show or podcast, pull your mini trampoline and start exercising .

What to Look for in a mini-trampoline

Surface Material

The surface material of a mini-trampoline is the first part of the trampoline you will come in contact with. The durability of this material is perhaps one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a mini -trampoline. Although most trampoline mats are made out of artificial fibers like nylon, finding a surface that is heavily woven is very a key for a supportive and soft trampoline.


Typically, a trampoline’s surface is attached to the frame by a series of springs that lend to the signature bounce of the trampoline. This alone makes the type of spring on the trampoline you purchase one of the most important elements to always consider before making a purchase.

Steel springs are heavy duty but very durable although they can be noisy at times however, metal springs that are too strong can pull the mat too tight further taking away from the low-impact nature of the trampoline. There is an alternative to Steel springs and it's Bungee cords. These cords can be used in place of springs. While they might not be as durable, they can be quieter, gentler and easier on the joints, back and knees due to the depth of the bounce.

Safety Pads

Most trampolines come with a safety pad. This is what protects your feet from the springs when in use. The springs are ringed shaped and they are used to cover the trampoline’s springs. This safety pad can make your trampoline workout both safer and more comfortable.

Supportive Handlebars

To enable you to sturdy yourself when you jump, many mini-trampolines come with a built -in handle bar. These handlebars tend to be removable, adjustable and arch-shaped. In case you are using a home based trampoline which doesn't come with this feature, you can equally use another surface like a wall to balance yourself when jumping.


When it comes to portability, many mini trampolines vary in that respect. Some mini-trampolines fold up, making them easy to store or transport from one place to the other. Some are also more flexible and allow you to deconstruct the frame and fold the trampoline to its original size. Others offer limited foldability, meaning that you can only fold the legs in. Many exercise trampolines fold up, making them easy to store or transport from place to place.

Resistance Bands

Mini-trampoline resistance bands allow you to diversify your trampoline-based workouts as most come with a pair resistance bands.

Reviews of the Best mini-trampolines

1.Bcan 40″ Foldable Mini Trampoline

The BCAN 40″ foldable mini trampoline is a lightweight and adjustable mini trampoline and a versatile addition to any at-home fitness routine. It can be used by adults and kids as it offers a total of 4 different levels of handle height ranging from 32″ to 42″

To keep you safe and support you as you jump, the trampoline’s surface is crafted from rubber, which offers a lot of traction. The BCAN 40″ comes with a foam handler  which makes it very comfortable for the user to grip when jumping.  The handlebar is covered with an anti-skid rubber material  which is made of a waterproof material that makes it easy to clean.

It comes with heavy-duty steel springs which surround the trampoline’s surface. These springs are meant to hold everything in place offering you a reliable , quiet and gentle bounce.

The BCAN Foldable Mini Trampoline is backed by a one-year warranty. Thus one year warranty covers the trampoline’s safety pad, handle and frame.



2.Marcy Trampoline Cardio Trainer

The Marcy mini trampoline is very portable,  durable and compact.  It offers everything you’d need in a mini-trampoline Unlike other mini-trampolines,  this is very easy to assemble and disassemble. When fully assembled, this rebounder is 40.5 inches in diameter, 16 inches wide and 30 inches long when it’s folded up, When fully assembled, the rebounder is 40.5 inches in diameter. This makes it very flexible to store and also  easy to carry around.

To fold it up, you can remove the handlebar and legs and fold it to a fraction of its original size. To help you maintain stability, the Marcy mini-trampoline comes with an inbuilt stability bar which makes it easy for you to stay supported when using it.

 The stability bar is lined with padding to give you a comfortable place to rest your hands during workouts.  It’s 43 inches tall. The downside to this is, for those craving for a more customized experience, the bar isn’t adjustable.




3.Bellicon Classic 49″ Trampoline

The bellicon mini trampoline is  a well -engineered and aesthetically pleasing rebounder, it’s frame is several inches taller than other brands on the market. This feature allows for a deeper, gentle bounce- which is similar to the design of kids’ full-size outdoor trampolines. Unlike other brands, the bellicon is distinguished for its customizability; this is to ensure that it can provide a personalized workout experience  that matches your home aesthetic.  It goes as far as offering a choice in mat type, leg type, diameter, bungee strength and colour.

Another interesting thing about this mini trampoline is it’s noise level- it is relatively quiet. The Bellicon Classic Mini trampoline is also known for its versatility.

When you want to take a break from intensive strength training but still want to stay active, this rebounder offers a gentle workout that provides some simultaneous stretching and it can equally be used as a solid surface for ab exercises like crunches



4.The Maximus Pro Home Gym Mini trampoline

This mini trampoline  comes as a full-body workout experience.  It is not just a mini-trampoline. Its handlebar is removable and adjustable, it can easily attach any time you want added support. You can easily tackle an array of creative exercises as it comes with two removable resistance bands that you can attach to the springs.

Another interesting thing about the MaXimus Pro Home Gym Mini Trampoline is, unlike other trampolines, it comes with two workout videos, so even if you are not sure where to start with all the special features it comes with, you don’t have to worry- the videos will help you out.

This mini trampoline is made up of heavy-duty  steel springs which provides a gentle, resilient and consistent bounce. The Maximus Pro stands on six steel legs particularly designed to offer the mini trampoline stability and support especially when in use.

In terms of it being foldable, this mini trampoline cannot  be folded but the legs do fold up which makes it easy to slide under furniture or locker during workouts.



5.The JumpSport 250

This  In-Home Cardio Fitness Mini trampoline was designed particularly to withstand workout after workout and as such, it is very durable. The tubing is made of 16 gauge steel, with quality coating. The arched legs make it difficult to transport and store, they are removable and also easy to set up but generally made with stability in mind- as you jump, you won’t have to worry about the rebounder tipping over or buckling underneath.

The arch legs are easy to set up and removable. However, this mini trampoline cannot be folded. It weighs 21 lbs which makes it hefty to transport Instead of metallic coiled springs, this mini trampoline uses elastic cords to provide bounce. The bounce is smooth and cushioned. You can adjust it yourself.

The elastic cords surrounding the trampoline’s surface promises to hold you up over time.  It’s padded edges will keep  your toes from getting stubbed if you accidentally step out of bounds.



Three trampolines are almost completely silent and this is thanks to its springs and Permatron mat. You can use it anywhere, anytime… literally.  Silent, easy and remarkably endurant.



Frequently Asked Questions

 Yes, weight loss is just one of the many benefits from mini-trampoline         jumping, also known as rebounding. The higher your heart rate, the better the weight loss results.

There are two major types of mini trampolines: spring trampolines and trampolines without springs also known as bungee cord trampolines.



Bungee cord trampolines support and protect  joints by providing a deeper and gentler bounce. This allows the muscles to work more and for a long period of time. Additionally, it helps to burn calories efficiently without placing unnecessary strain on the body.  So, a mini trampoline without springs is a better option.

The jumping mats of trampolines  are made of woven fibers. Nowadays, most mats are made of artificial fibers like Polypropylene. Polypropylene is the best trampoline mat on the market

Yes, you are at risk of falling off or onto both types of trampolines

Yes, people with bad knees or arthritis can use a mini trampoline

Rebounding as an exercise helps lubricate the joints and reduce the pain and stiffness that comes along with this disease

Mini trampoline workouts are as eEffective as running, but feels easier and more fun.

With as little as 15 to 20 minutes of exercise, you can experience many health benefits but it feels better and is a lot more fun

Mini trampoline workouts ('rebounding' to those in the know) can offer an excellent full-body fitness session. They'll target your lower back, quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves and core, while also getting your heart rate climbing and blood pumping for a cardiovascular exercise challenge